A Vision for Our Future

SHAC believes the following principles should govern the decision-making process concerning health care in Sonoma County:
  • Primary care services and the promotion of healthy lifestyles are the foundation for a healthy community.
  • The well-being and economic viability of the community depends on comprehensive, affordable and accessible health care.
  • All people are valued and have access to culturally competent care.
  • Access to the full spectrum of health services for women, children, and people living in poverty is ensured and protected.
SHAC envisions a health care system in which every individual in Sonoma County:
  • Has a medical home for primary and preventive health care, with full access to care at all times regardless of ability to pay;
  • Has access to the full range of health care options;
  • Receives cost-efficient, high quality, culturally competent health care services provided by appropriately compensated health care professionals, workers and organizations; and
  • When hospitalized, care is coordinated with his/her medical home.

If you or your organization would like to join this effort, contact Pedro Toledo at ptoledo@rchc.net.

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